About Patty Brisben

Patty Brisben is the CEO and founder of Pure Romance Inc., the nation’s fastest-growing in-home direct sales company specializing in relationship enhancement products and intimacy education. In 1983, motivated by a desire to spend more time with her family, Patty got involved with an in-home party business, selling relationship enhancement products and educating women on opening the lines of communication with their partner to improve intimacy. Her experience at that company would ultimately serve as the foundation of Pure Romance.

In the early ’90s, Patty had become a star in the field who recognized a strong demand for these services. She had no formal business training, and no office, but had a group of 55 distributors who needed product and support. In 1993, Patty recognized the overwhelming demand in the marketplace, and subsequently created the company that would become Pure Romance. Since that time, Pure Romance has become a full-fledged education and retail force, with over 75,000 consultants nationwide.

Patty’s passion and commitment to empowering women to pursue safe and healthy relationships has pushed Pure Romance to also become a resource and champion of sexual health awareness. Under her direction, Pure Romance has taken several proactive steps to raise the level of education on these issues, including:

The Patty Brisben Foundation
Serving to strengthen, support and enhance health services provided for women through education, research and community outreach.

The Naked Truth
Educating college students on the importance of safe sex, sexual health, and relationship maintenance.

Sensuality, Sexuality, Survival!
Helping women recapture their sensual and sexual selves following cancer diagnosis or treatment.

Drawing from extensive research in the industry and with her engaging personality, Patty has become a noted expert in the fields of intimacy and relationships. Her work has put her in the national spotlight, with appearances on ABC’s, “The View,” CNN, VH1 and numerous profiles in leading business publications, including Forbes and Entrepreneur.

Patty is warm, compassionate, and whip-smart, and women of all ages and backgrounds feel comfortable with her because she offers a safe and fun environment for women to explore their sexuality. PURE ROMANCE: Between the Sheets is a fun, accessible, entertaining guide to get back in touch with your sexuality as a source of strength and self empowerment.

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