10th Annual Breast Cancer Conference

Published February 26, 2010 by Patty Brisben

I am so excited to be invited back to do a “PJ” Party for over 300 women tonight at the Young Survival Coalition, Living Beyond Breast Cancer and Susan G. Komen 10th Annual Breast Cancer Conference. This is third year we have done this event, and it continues to grow and attract women who are struggling with intimacy questions and issues through cancer. The guests come to the party dressed in their most comfortable pajamas and have a few carefree hours where they can laugh and have fun, as well as ask questions regarding their most intimate relationships.

It is such an incredible honor to offer resources through our Sensuality, Sexuality, Survival program and give these women a safe place to gain support when it comes to the negative effects of cancer on intimacy. This is not an easy topic and many health care providers have offered help when it comes to sheer survival, but little information on their sexual needs or desires. We are happy to be there for these amazingly strong and inspiring women and are doing everything in our power to put them in touch with other health care professionals and experts who are willing to discuss their options when it comes to intimacy during and after cancer.

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