A Job Well Done

Published March 4, 2009 by Patty Brisben

We are just a week out from one of my favorite Pure Romance events – our Pure Romance National Convention! This is an event that honors and celebrates those Consultants in our company who have gone above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to running their Pure Romance businesses.

This year, we will be joining consultants from all over the Unites States in Las Vegas, Nevada, and will be recognizing them during a formal Awards Banquet; they will also be able to cash in their hard-earned ‘Convention Credits’ for anything from electronics, gift cards, home decor to Coach purses! Convention Credits are as good as cash and Consultants accrue them through sales, recruiting and attending various corporate events throughout the year. It’s so exciting and takes me back to when I first started in this industry as a sales Consultant. I still can remember how thrilling it was for me to walk across the stage to receive an award for all of my hard work and dedication throughout the year.

For all of our Consultants reading this post today, I want you to know how much we appreciate everything you do. We extend our warmest congratulations and look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!

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